A Wednesday for readers | A lost community by Doris Lessing

The Reading Group "A Wednesday for readers" meets Wednesday, June 14 at 19.00 in the living room of the Memo to talk about the novel "A lost community" by Doris Lessing (Fanucci 2008).

"A senator from ancient Rome, at the end of his life, decides to undertake his last undertaking: the story of the history of humanity. Her narration focuses on the people of the Cleft, a community now disappeared of women who lived in a sort of paradise on earth, procreating without being fertilized by men and bringing into the world only girls, destined to perpetuate their species. But the unexpected birth of a strange and unknown creature, a boy, breaks forever the harmony of the small community, jeopardizing its very existence. The latest novel by Doris Lessing, written and published in 2007 in England, deals with the typical themes of the author’s literary production: the relationship between man and woman, the need for two beings so similar but at the same time so different to learn to live side by side in the world, and the observation of how the peculiar characteristics of the two sexes produce effects on every aspect of the life of individuals."

The GDL "A Wednesday for readers" meets since 2011 every second Wednesday of the month to talk about books and meet new people with whom to share the passion for reading.
You do not need to register to participate.

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