Typical food and wine

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Fano’s history is indissolubly linked to its seafaring.
Its vibrant spirit can be felt everywhere along the town’s streets and in the delicious local cuisine.

Fano Gastronomica is the project that unites the restaurants of the city of Fano in the name of tradition, with a sustainable short supply chain and zero-mile approach.

Restaurateurs and local fishermen work together to sustain and safeguard the authenticity and freshness of food.

The Fano Seafood Restaurants Network brings to the table the original flavors of selected local catch from the area’s artisanal fisheries and aquaculture.

Taste it

The freshest fish from the Adriatic Sea, the “moretta,” genuine meats, inland truffles, cheeses and DOC wines. Fano brings together the excellence of the area’s food and wine tradition.

Sea and hills

The land and the sea give ingredients of the highest quality, such as fish from the Adriatic Sea, excellent for preparing “brodetto alla fanese” to which BrodettoFest is dedicated, and “rustìta,” the town’s typical fish roast.

Try the famous clams, an element of the traditional cuisine of Fano. Discover the “moretta,” the pride of tradition born from the wisdom of fishermen, and Cartoceto DOP olive oil that perfumes seafood and country dishes. And for the more refined palates, his majesty the truffle, cheese and “Bianchello del Metauro” white wine.

Fresh fish

Fano, Torrette, Marotta: these places enclose in about twenty kilometers of coastline the secrets and scents of the sea and have developed over time a rich culinary culture made up of seafood products, transformed by the skilful hands of chefs and simple gourmets into true masterpieces of the art of fine dining.

La Moretta of Fano

When entering one of Fano’s many elegant bars, perhaps in search of some refreshment, it is inevitable to encounter the popular drink: the Moretta.
Very often it is its heady fragrance that precedes it at the entrance of a coffee shop, and those who are not familiar with it become so intrigued that they do not fail to try it.


Wines from the hills of Fano and the province of Pesaro and Urbino are prized and courted by gourmets from all over the world. The rolling hills overlooking the Metauro plain are, in fact, fertile ground for the cultivation of fine grapes, and the locals have been making high-quality products from them for centuries.


Move a few kilometers from Fano, on the Via Flaminia, and you will find Acqualagna, the truffle capital, along with Sant’Angelo in Vado, Pergola and Sant’Agata Feltria.

Cartoceto Oil

Over the years, time and history have confirmed the special predisposition of the hills of the immediate Fano hinterland to olive cultivation. The large number of oil mills still in the area recalls old-fashioned traditions.

Typical cheeses of Fano and surroundings

Staying in Fano makes it possible to discover the precious qualities of seafood cuisine and to venture on pleasant excursions in the immediate hinterland to discover the best products of rural gastronomy.

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Typical food and wine

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