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Fano’s history is indissolubly linked to its seafaring.
Its vibrant spirit can be felt everywhere along the town’s streets and in the delicious local cuisine.

Fano Gastronomica is the project that unites the restaurants of the city of Fano in the name of tradition, with a sustainable short supply chain and zero-mile approach.

Restaurateurs and local fishermen work together to sustain and safeguard the authenticity and freshness of food.

The Fano Seafood Restaurants Network brings to the table the original flavors of selected local catch from the area’s artisanal fisheries and aquaculture.

Discover Fano’s Seafood Restaurant Network

Being an establishment recognized as a “Fano Sea Restaurant” means taking responsibility for properly enhancing the local seafood product by adhering to the guidelines and standards set forth in the specification. Participants engage with the area and its people, supporting sustainable fishing and ensuring a daily supply of quality fresh fish.

The specification calls for at least three dishes based on local catch to be featured on the menu, enhancing the Network with local fish businesses. The committee responsible for verifying that the premises are suitable for certification consists of: Fiorenzo Giammattei (medical doctor and gastronome), Corrado Piccinetti (professor of ecology and former director of the marine biology and fisheries laboratory in Fano), and Otello Renzi (sommelier expert in gastronomy).

The traditional gastronomic dishes of Fano

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