A Wedsneday as Readers | La felicità degli altri di Carmen Pellegrino

The Reading Group "A Wednesday as Readers" meets on Wednesday 10 May at 19.00 in the Memo living room to talk about the novel "La felicità degli altri" by Carmen Pellegrino (La Nave di Teseo 2021).

"I was born in a haunted house. Lanky, mangy ghosts you couldn't escape from. At the time we lived in the west side of a village that had houses that were all the same, all on the ground floor before they raised. My brother and I we hoped that other people's houses were as haunted as ours. At the age of ten I was removed from the village for sheer cruelty, but the ghosts did not stay at home."

The GDL "A Wednesday for readers" has been meeting since 2011 every second Wednesday of the month to talk about books and meet new people with whom to share a passion for reading.

You don't need to register to participate.

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