Alessandro Fiori, Mi sono perso nel tour

Klang. Other sounds, other spaces, regional music festival born with the aim of enhancing quality musical experiences that are characterized by a significant rate of experimentation and a strong authorship, now in its fifth edition on the initiative of AMAT, of the Loop Live Club, with the Marche Region, the mic and, among others, the Municipality of Fano is about to conclude with Alessandro Fiori at the former Church of San Francesco.

Initially scheduled for June 16, the concert of Fano is postponed to July 5.


Alessandro Fiori, whimsical and kaleidoscopic Tuscan artist, with his music and his creative attitude has marked the history of Italian independent music of the last 20 years. In 1996 he founded Mariposa, with which he has had 9 records and more than 400 concerts. Always open to all kinds of collaboration, over the years he participates in other musical projects, such as the Scudetto, Amore and Craxi. After the success of the press and public debut solo Attentive to myself, (2010) with the following This sweet museum (2012) is included in the shortlist of the five finalists of the Targa Tenco for the category "album of the year". This work will be followed by two more records, Cascata (2014) and Plancton (2016) and after a six-year wait returns with his fifth album, I’m lost in the woods, for 42 Records, which gives the title to the tour that stops in Fano.


Information and tickets (single seat 10 euro): Teatro della Fortuna 0721 800750, AMAT 071 2072439, vivaticket circuit

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