Claudio Pacifici in “Spalmarsi d’amore”

It is not common to attend an original show like the one that Claudio Pacifici conceived.

Actor, writer, artist, Claudio Pacifici is known in Fano for his activities and inspiration. The show that he "created" has already experienced its first staging at the Pinacoteca San Domenico in Fano last June 3.

Now, within the geographical area where our Foundation operates, the replicas that will bring the performance to the most representative places in the hinterland begin; Saturday, June 24, at 21.00, with the courtyard of Palazzo Cassi, the restored noble building that was the seat of the local Town Hall and that for some years has been the center of the cultural activities of the area.

It will always be possible, however, to think about social ... having fun; will in fact be available the homonymous volume - always written by Claudio Pacifici - that can be withdrawn by anyone behind free offer that will go in support of the meritorious activity of the Association A.D.AM.O. of Fano that, As is well known, she is very committed to assisting cancer patients.

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