Dalla favola all’asana – Yoga for Children

Yoga for children from 3 to 8 years by Gaya Saltarelli

NECESSARY TO BRING: beach towel or mat, comfortable clothes, not too tight and not too hot.

Limited seats, reservation required: 0721 887834

Course that is oriented within the culture as a fairy tale, book, reading until you reach the most corporeal part of the immense yoga world, that is, the asanas translated into positions, postures.
The story with the purpose of teaching or make you think and reflect touching the moral and the world of values passes to create literally the steps of history through your body, proposing the figures that are part, animals, elements of the
nature, actions, giving the body coordination, flexibility, endurance and balance by increasing the strength of will and connection with your body, respect and self-esteem.

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