Musician, producer, author. Loved transversally by different generations, one of the major reality of Italian alternative rock with his show ROSSOSOLO.

For almost thirty years the name of Giorgio Canali appears, in various ways, in the panorama of rock music in Italy.
Phonic for Litfiba and PFM in the 80s, "disturbed guitar" of the CSI in the 90s, then member of PGR, leader of Rossofuoco and producer of some of the most famous indie artists' albums, just think of Verdena and Le Luci Della Centrale Elettrica: his unmistakable imprint is recognized in all the works in which he took part.

A long journey from the songwriter and producer, who continues to cross beautifully Italian music. Already the soul of CSI, CCCP, PRG, Giorgio Canali is one of the last cursed romantics of the Italian music scene: he ruthlessly plows through the magnum sea of our time, with a mixture of shyness, arrogance and sweetness that is only his.

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