Meeting with the authors: AMATE SPONDE di Egidio Eronico

Special appointment Thursday, May 4 at the Masetti Cinema in Fano, where from 20:30 will be presented the film Amate sponde with the presence in the room of director Egidio Eronico.

For the occasion there will be a refreshment offered by GAS Fano from 20.30, while the film will be screened from 21.15. The event is realized in collaboration with the Association of Volunteering and Solidarity "Il ridosso" and La Lupus in Fabula.

This is an extraordinary survey of the Italian Country, which takes its cue from its fundamental geo-physical and environmental features to deepen the economic aspectsproductive, socio-demographic and housing to develop anthropological and cultural reflections.

Amate sponde is a story for images and music only ("like a suite of Bach - say the notes of direction - with its times or movements and provided with a prelude"), a domestic atlas of wonders sometimes misunderstood and places known, loved and often lost. The work of Eronicus snaps the snapshot of a people in the most uncertain and difficult moment, suspended between the acknowledged greatness of the past and the apparent stasis of the present: an Italy marked by strong inequalities and also for this reason to the continuous search of transformation in the difficult run up towards a sustainable development.

The interaction between image and sound, mediated by editing, permeates this physical and emotional story, which wants to push the viewer to try to feel what we are, where we are and what we do not want to miss.

Amate sponde was officially presented in the Freestyle section of the 17th Rome Film Festival, receiving numerous critical acclaim for its visionary and original narrative, embellished by the wonderful high definition images signed by Sara Purgatorio and the dream and powerful music, composed by Vittorio Cosma.

In the Masetti hall the film will be presented directly by the King

In the Masetti hall the film will be presented directly by the director, Egidio Eronico. Born in Rome and graduated in Architecture in 1983, he began his career in film in the late 70’s, producing and directing independent films in super8. In 1986 he made his official debut in feature film with the film Viaggio in città, followed by other works such as The Same Blood (1988) and Metropolitan Fairy Tales (1997). In 2002 he directed Charlton Heston in Papa Rua Alguem 5555, the last performance of the great Hollywood actor. His curriculum also includes numerous documentaries, among which we remember at least Nobody will find me (2015), on the disappearance of Ettore Majorana.

At Masetti Eronico will tell with Amate sponde how Italians live the environmental problem, a relationship often difficult if we analyze the data of how much of the territory has now been cemented, often with dramatic consequences. And his latest work aims precisely to highlight how it is at risk not only the proverbial beauty of our landscape, but the very identity of us Italians that this landscape we are historically expression.

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