National Choir Competition Fanum Fortunae

Sunday, June 11, at the Pinacoteca San Domenico, will be held the National Choral Competition "Fanum Fortunae", expressly established this year on the occasion of the celebrations, which will be held throughout 2023, of the 50th International Polyphonic Meeting "City of Fano"one of the most important European choral music festivals that for fifty years has borne the name of Fano in the world. This competition, which already follows a series of musical proposals promoted by the festival since last February, is an absolute novelty for the International Polyphonic Meeting "City of Fano" and for the city itself. To register 21 groups from 9 Italian regions such as Calabria, Emilia Romagna, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Lazio, Marche, Piemonte, Trentino, Valle d'Aosta, Veneto: an extraordinary result.

The competition will take place in a single day and the choirs will compete in four distinct categories: 7 groups for the category "choirs with mixed voices", 3 for "choirs with equal voices", 7 for "vocal ensembles" and finally 4 for the category "choirs under 20". The competition will take place from 10.00 to 15.45 about and each group will have to present three free-choice songs of different eras for a maximum of 12 minutes. From 16.00 instead will begin a concert that will gather together all the participating choirs, which will be responsible for the performance of a song each. Following the award ceremony. Each category will award the following prizes: the winner will receive 1000 euros and the opportunity to perform a concert within the International Polyphonic Meeting "City of Fano", while the second and third will be awarded a diploma; there are also other special prizes. The Jury called to evaluate the performances of all the participating choirs is composed of five famous musicians: Fabrizio Barchi, Serena Marino, Stefania Piccardi, Maurizio Sacquegna, Giuliano Viabile. The artistic direction is entrusted to Maestro Lorenzo Donati. Admission to all stages of the competition is free.

The event will call to Fano over 300 people among choristers, directors and escorts, many of which will stay in hotels in Fano: a further opportunity to enhance and promote tourism of our beautiful city able to offer a range of history, culture, sea and attractive traditions.

The event, in close synergy with the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Fano, is organized by the Department of Culture and Cultural Heritage of the City of Fano in collaboration with the Coro Polifonico Malatestiano. The event is also supported by Banca di Credito Cooperativo di Fano, Schnell and Profilglass. We also thank for the collaboration: Diocese of Fano Fossombrone Cagli Pergola, Parish of Santa Maria Assunta, Archeoclub, Istituto Comprensivo Statale "Giovanni Padalino", Community of Friars Minor Capuchins of San Paterniano.

All the information is on the official website of the festival ( and you can follow the event also through the profiles Fb and Instagram of the International Polyphonic Meeting "Città di Fano".

Below is the list of all the participating choirs.

MIXED VOICE CHOIRS: Farthan Choir of Marzabotto (BO), directed by Elide Melchioni, Les Chanteurs du Grand Combin, Gignod (AO), directed by Caroline Voyat, InCantus Ensemble of Civitavecchia (RM), directed by Riccardo Schioppa, Xinfonia A.P.S. Choral Group of Malo (VI)directed by Riccardo Lapo, Coro Polifonico Aura Artis di Cosenza (CS), directed by Saverio Tinto, Lumos Vocal Ensemble diMogliano (MC), directed by Lorenzo Chiacchiera, Corale "Antonio Reali" di Frosinone (FR), directed by Fabio Bracaglia.

EQUAL VOICES CHOIRS: Farthan Women’s Choir of Marzabotto (BO), directed by Elide Melchioni, Coro Artemusica of Valperga (TO), directed by Debora Bria, Coro Femminile "Francesco Sandi" ofFeltre (BL), directed by Maria Canton.

VOCAL ENSEMBLE: Farthan di Marzabotto (BO), directed by Elide Melchioni, Gruppo Vocale A.d.A. di Montecosaro (MC), directed by Lorenzo Perugini, Accademia dei Dissennati dimonte San Giusto (MC), directed by Lorenzo Chiacchiera, Coro Artemusica di Valperga (TO)directed by Debora Bria, Artipelago di Castelnuovo di Porto (RM), directed by Anna Tigli, Amarantos Vocal Ensemble di Cosenza (CS), directed by Luigi Tinto and Daria Mishurina, Ensemble "Francesco Sandi" byFeltre (BL), directed by Maria Canton.

UNDER 20 CHOIRS: Piccolo Coro del Teatro "A. Rendano" di Cosenza (CS), directed by Maria Carmela Ranieri, Coro Artemusica di Valperga (TO), directed by Debora Bria, Coro Giovanile C. Eccher - Val di Sole di Cles (TN), directed by Marcella Endrizzi, Emil Komel Mixed Youth Choir of Gorizia (GO), directed by Mirko Ferlan.



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