Presentation of the book VIENI OLTRE. CORIANDOLI DI FELICITÀ FINLANDESE by Chiara Zaffini

The author Chiara Zaffini will dialogue with Professor Paola Ricci

This is not yet another book that would teach you to be happy, but a socio-cultural survey done on the field, an autobiographical adventure, an essay on the value of time, almost a pamphlet. Pages that try to redefine happiness starting from Finland, for years at the peak of the world ranking as the happiest country in the world. Why? And it’s all true? From an individual experience to a collective dimension, a book dedicated to anyone who wants to reflect on our real priorities.

The presentation of the book (ed. Calibano 2023) is part of the exhibition "Il maggio dei Libri" and is organized in collaboration with the association "Friends of libraries" of Fano, curators of the book market that will be set up for the occasion.

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