SOLIDARTE 2023 – Charity auction for the diocesan caritas

The success of the public and the great attention received by the first edition of Solidarte, the charity auction organized last June by the Rotary Club of Fano, prompted the Association to organize this second edition, scheduled for Sunday 7 May, at 5.00 pm , at the church of the Suffrage of Fano.

Also this year, Solidarte does not want to represent, only, a lively and dynamic cultural moment for our city, but wants to be an authentic aggregation and social moment, trying to reconfirm the important service put in place in favor of the Diocesan Caritas, seriously engaged in various welfare and social projects active in our area.

Culture and solidarity, a winning combination that the Rotary Club Fano wants, once again, to make available to the entire city community. The protagonists of the event will be the many artists from Fano, and not, thirty-two, who have joined, with great enthusiasm , to this new edition; some names have already been protagonists in the past year, while others are new, welcome, new entries.

This year, then, the thanksgiving of the Club is even more emphasized, since these male and female painters, already in favor of containing their usual market quotations, have indulged in the organizers' desire to create a "light" auction base, common to all the lots in the competition, regardless of the different curricula and artistic paths and the different market prices.

This choice was dictated by the convinced desire to get as many people, collectors or otherwise, to approach and approach the forty-one works offered at auction, in the awareness of the difficult economic situation that many families are finding themselves facing.

Therefore we hope that as many friends as possible will participate in the event, taking an active part in the charity auction, wishing them to benefit their eyes and soul in front of the possibly acquired work of art and peace and serenity in their hearts in full awareness of having made a gesture of love towards those more unfortunate than us, in full harmony and harmony with the leitmotiv that guides our daily being Rotarians.

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