City of Carnival

Fano is a creative city. A cultural humus made up of associationism and cooperation that organizes, promotes and hosts international events such as festivals, concerts, exhibitions and performances in the city's most picturesque places.

Fano’s events and happenings

Fano, the third largest city in the Marche region, is able to offer visitors and tourists a wealth of beauty and attractions capable of satisfying the broader needs of a clientele increasingly in search of novelty, curiosity, original and peculiar tastes and interests.

In this section you can find the main events that enliven the city of Fano every year, especially the summer season. The full and shared collaboration with all those active in the organization of cultural events and tourist reception, allows us to set up a rich and qualified calendar, focused on what are the characterizing aspects of our tradition: the carnival, the music, l’art and the culture, of course, without neglecting the events that enhance the richness of our territory in terms of nature, food and wine, culture and sports.

The Carnival of Fano

‘Semel in anno licet insanire,’ ‘once a year you are allowed to do crazy things,’ this ancient Roman license seems to have found fertile ground in Fano, the city of Carnival, home to one of Italy’s most famous carnivals.

More than a month of festivities: the streets and people of the city shed their usual habits, dive into the whirlwind of festivities and parades that the Fano Carnival offers without any parsimony, and everyone ends up getting caught up in the gay atmosphere of carefree fun.

Fanum Fortunae – The Fano of the Caesars

History buffs cannot miss Fanum Fortunae – The Fano of the Caesars, an evocative re-enactment of the customs and traditions of the ancient Romans that involves the entire city and reports.

Passaggi Festival

Passaggi Festival della Saggistica is the only Italian cultural event dedicated to books of this literary genre devoted to analysis and study, to comparison and in-depth study.

Its element of originality lies in its willingness to deal with it across the board: in fact, the festival’s book presentations range over a wide variety of topics, from politics to economics, from history to investigative journalism, from social sciences to biographies, from travel to cooking.

Fano Jazz By The Sea

Since 1993, the international festival “Fano Jazz By The Sea” has brought to Fano artists who have written-and continue to write-the history of jazz.
The festival takes place in particularly picturesque locations, from the historic center of Fano to the territories of the province of Pesaro and Urbino.

Il Palio delle Contrade

Il Palio delle Contrade, the traditional historical re-enactment of the pilgrimage that Pandolfo III Malatesta made in 1399 from Rimini to Fano, going to the shrine of the Madonna del Ponte Metauro as thanks for surviving the plague.


Brodetto Fest is event dedicated to the iconic dish of seafood tradition held in Fano with soup tastings, stellar cooking shows, “world” wine tastings and pairings, workshops for children dedicated to discovering the sea, great guests.