Family vacation in Fano: an ideal destination

The mere fact that the Council of Girls and Boys is present in Fano as an advisory body restores to us the centrality that the point of view of the youngest and youngest has in organizational processes and in a perspective of improving city life.

Fano effectively constitutes a child-friendly city, and not only because among the streets and small squares of the center the little ones can play, but because many activities and events are designed precisely for them.

Fano is the perfect destination for family vacations, both because of the many places equipped for the enjoyment of the little ones and because of the range of events and activities that involve them.

Fano City of Girls and Children

The “Fano City of Girls and Children” project was born in Fano in 1991 and since then has been articulated in multiple actions including the redevelopment of neighborhoods, the introduction of parks, playgrounds, areas of recreational interest, and the organization of dedicated events.

Let’s see which ones.

The Carnival

Undoubtedly the event that draws families from all over the country is the
Carnival of Fano
, the oldest in Italy, which with its large and elaborate floats.

A favorite moment for the little ones is the famous candy toss, when candy and sweets collected from the crowd in the street with umbrellas and inverted cardboard cones are thrown from the parading floats.

Festivals and events for all ages!

There are many events and happenings in Fano throughout the year, and for all tastes. On the sidelines of the main activities, the city always offers spaces designed for younger children.

For example. Passages Festival, literary event, which has been attracting distinguished guests and spectators from all over Italy since 2013 and takes place every year in late June, has over the course of the editions included a portion of programming entirely dedicated to the youngest children with workshops of all kinds and presentations of children’s books.

Fano Jazz by the Sea
, which brings some of the most famous jazz musicians to the city every summer, has come up with a dedicated educational space: this is Jazz for Kids, created in collaboration with the Mosaico Musicale association, a campus featuring workshops and concerts.

Even when it comes to events designed not only for children, the activities and games organized are an inevitable source of attraction for even the youngest children. It is the case of
Fanum Fortunae – The Fano of the Caesars
and the
Palio delle Contrade
, historical re-enactments that take place in August and cannot fail to arouse interest and amazement in young and old alike.

At the beach with the kids

And here we come to one of the main attractions for families who choose Fano as their vacation destination every summer: the sea.

While not all seaside places are suitable for vacations with little ones, this is certainly not the case in Fano. The city’s beaches, both shallow and sandy and those made of pebbles and pebbles, offer playgrounds, swimming pools, and opportunities to participate in entertainment activities.

In addition, the sandy beaches are enclosed by reefs that ensure that the sea is almost always calm and shallow, ideal for young children learning to swim.

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