Depero and the Futurists in the Marche region

This year La Fondazione has had the good fortune to borrow works by the famous Fortunato Depero directly from his city, Rovereto, and others, mainly from Marche futurists and in part unpublished, from other Italian cities. So there will be "pieces" of Peschi, Pannaggi, Tulli and "our" Federico Seneca.

A corpus of about 100 works including graphics, prints, silkscreens, sculptures.

As in the past for other exhibitions, also in this case the entrance will be free and with the possibility to buy the catalog specially made at the bookshop of the Gallery.

Inauguration scheduled for Friday, June 30, 6.30 PM, at the Court of Nespolo Palazzo Bracci Pagani with subsequent visit to the exhibition premises. The exhibition will be open until 1 October, from Tuesday to Sunday, at 9 PM - 11 PM until 10 September, and at 5.30 PM- 7.30 PM for the remaining period.

During the three months of opening the program will be enriched by three conferences on the theme of Futurism, always open to the public; the program will be as follows:


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