A day in Fano: what to do and what to see

Due to its strategic location on the border between Marche and Romagna, Fano is often a place of passage for travelers along the Adriatica or crossing the Apennines from west to east.

In fact, the city could be a happy choice when planning a one-day break during a long trip. It is also a popular destination for those from inland who wish to spend a day on the coast.

But what to do if you only have one day? What are the must-do activities and attractions?

Although it is not easy to encapsulate all the attractions within a day, it is still possible to fall in love with the city even with a short stop.

Here is a hypothetical ideal one-day tour of Fano.

Morning: a walk along the waterfront

For the early birds, the day can only begin with a sunrise walk. The sun that seems to emerge from the water is a defining feature of the Adriatic coast, and witnessing it from the Lysippus Promenade allows a perfect view of the rose-tinted horizon dotted with boats returning to port.

Once you arrive at the copy of the bronze statue of Lysippus, you can turn back and, crossing the streets of the Marina dei Cesari, reach the “El Gugul” neighborhood, the old symbolic district of the Fanesi fishermen. The neighborhood is characterized by small houses adorned with intertwining nets, shells and objects related to fishing and featuring bright colors, thanks to which they manage to stand out from the slight haze that sometimes invades its streets.

An afternoon in Fano: what to do?

After a lunch at the Lido, to enjoy the seafood specialties of Fano cuisine such as Rustita or Brodetto, and after tasting the typical Moretta fanese, you can head to the city center.

Strolling along the final stretch of the Albani Canal with the houses of Lo Squero, the old sailors’ quarter, accompanying us on the left, and skirting the Borghese Dock, we reach the historic center, where one of Fano’s landmarks is located: the Pincio.

This recently renovated area is of the highest cultural and historical interest: starting with the Arch of Augustus, which has stood as the city gate since 9 A.D., and ending with the Museum of the Via Flaminia in the Church of St. Michael and the Statue of Caesar Octavian Augustus. From the Augustan period, in addition to the Arch, are the original remains of the ancient city wall.

Then plunging into the city’s historic center and strolling through its alleys, it is almost impossible not to come across Piazza XX Settembre, the real beating heart of Fano life, home to numerous events and the market that enlivens the city streets on Wednesday and Saturday mornings.

Of particular interest in the Square are the Fountain of Fortune, the Fortune Theater, which has the 14th-century Palazzo del Podestà as its facade, and, on the southern side, the facade of the Church of San Silvestro.

At this point it is a must to head to one of the Fanesi’s most beloved places: the Former Church of St. Francis, whose structural fragility has made its fortune. Built by the Malatesta family starting in the 13th century, in fact, the church was heavily damaged in the 1930 earthquake. Today the building is completely open-air and has become one of Fano’s most picturesque places, the site of numerous events and ceremonies every year.

An evening in Fano

Especially during summer evenings, the city of Fano is enlivened by numerous festivals and events: both the center and the waterfront host many people until late at night.

Among the most interesting places we highly recommend the imposing Rocca Malatestiana built in the 15th century, which hosts a bar and multiple events throughout the summer.

From there it is only a few minutes to another place of interest: this is the Sangallo Bastion, a fortress built between 1532 and 1552 and today a venue, again during the summer, for concerts and cultural events.

If in winter you have a harder time tracking down the liveliness of the summer nightlife, the downtown streets still offer numerous places that are always quite populated where you can have a drink, dinner, or an after-dinner cocktail.

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