Discover the seaside Fano

The new tour to discover the seafaring essence of Fano.

There is a new experience to be had in Fano. A new itinerary that leads, step by step, from the shores of the Port to a journey into the heart of the city’s history, culture, and seafaring tradition.

It is “Discover Fano Marinara” the new virtual tour promoted by the City of Fano, to accompany citizens and tourists on an evocative guided walk to discover the history of seafaring and the world of fishing typical of Fano.

A pleasant itinerary that moves among the most evocative views of the Port-a symbolic place in the city’s history-allows us to grasp the deep connection between Fano and the sea, and the great value of the local fishing industry.

The itinerary of the Fano Marinara

The “Discovering the Sea and Local Fishing Tour” of “Discover Fano Marinara,” unfolds in a journey, between real and digital, marked by eight information totems spread in the most significant places of the city’s port area.

Each totem carries textual content, related to the specific point of interest where it is placed, and a special QR code, scannable by smartphone, that allows visitors to access short immersive video narratives inherent to the context.

The videos, which mark each stage of this citywide excursion to iconic Fano seafaring sites, offer a chance to explore the atmosphere of fishermen’s lives, to learn about their history and daily activities. Through period photos, historical notions, anecdotes, exclusive interviews, and image sequences that lead from the docks of the docks to the open sea with local fishermen, they allow one to fully experience the tale of a “seafaring town for generations.”

A walk to try, which enriches strong suggestions with its wonderful sea views. To walk through, to breathe in the maritime essence that pervades the city, and pause to enjoy, with a more conscious gaze, the millennial beauty of Fano’s maritime heritage.

How to access the guided tour of the Fano Marinara?

Accessing the route is very simple, just go to the Port of Fano area, ask for the map that shows the eight points where the “Discover Fano Marinara” information totems are installed in the Tourist Information Office – IAT Point of the Port, equip yourself with a smartphone, earphones, and start walking around discovering the new route!

Information and reservations can be made by calling +39 366 3426985,
or the Call & Go Tourist Information Service at +39 3663426986 (daily from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m.).

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